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Our Promise to You

At Adiya, we introduce you to the best products and guidance, so you can feel safe about what is going on and in your body. From our balms, salves, soaps, to the perfect herbal tea blend - it all starts here. Now is the time to get to know yourself better, to take care of your skin, and to preserve your most essential ingredient - your natural beauty. Are you ready to take beauty back to nature? 

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About Us

Who we are

I am a mom that has tried endlessly to find products that I can use that do not irritate my skin. After I had kids, my passion grew even more vital to begin making my own products. Finding a clean truly natural beauty product requires some digging. I was so tired of reading the ingredients and not knowing what it was that I was putting on my skin. So much money wasted on product after product that promised it was for sensitive skin.  When the question should have been why is it sensitive? 


​Commercial skin care is made with all kinds of nasty ingredients that actually wreak havoc on our immune systems. Just to name a few- parabens, triclosan, phthalates, propylene glycol, and aluminum. Research has linked these ingredients to several medical conditions including types of cancer and reproductive development issues.


That is when I developed Adiya, which means God's Treasure in Hebrew. The funny thing is my daughter's name is Adrianna and when she was young she called herself Adiya but I never looked up the meaning. Well after discovering it, that is how the name came about. That started the journey of handmade natural skin care products made with grass-fed beef tallow and organic, non-toxic ingredients that include farm-grown herbs and pure essential oils that benefit the mind, body, and soul.​

Here at Adiya, we have found that the best and safest way to remove toxins from your home is to make your own natural products using ingredients that you know are safe and healthy. That is our promise to you!  I pray that you enjoy them as much as we do with peace of mind about what is going on your body!​

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