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Be-Youthful anti-aging balm is made with whipped grass-fed beef tallow, organic olive oil, myrrh, frankincense, rosemary, and lavender essential oils. Softens and rejuvenates the skin and rewinds time. You will not believe how soft it feels on your skin, and the smell is so refreshing! Made so simple however I recommend it safe for adults with myrrh as an ingredient. Use it as an oil cleansing routine at night to remove makeup and clean pores and a moisturizer in the morning.


Tallow contains vitamins E, D, and K, known to possess anti-inflammatory properties, and all antioxidants. It doesn’t clog pores and works with your sebaceous glands. It has antimicrobial properties that stop the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Vitamins in tallow can help produce collagen. It helps soothe skin injuries and helps repair damage faster. All of the vitamins and nutrients in tallow and its compatibility with our skin create a unique skincare base that helps your skin retain moisture, restore and protect itself, and stay firm and moisturized. 


Our tallow salves and balms are a sustainable skincare option that is all-natural and beneficial for your skin.



Be-Youthful Balm

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